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Solar Batteries

How to effectively manage them to save money and maximize returns All of our battery solar hybrid systems allow you to take control of your power giving you choice and flexibility over how you use the electricity grid. The large benefit of…
SolaX Triple Power BAT H 4.5

New Solar & Battery - Interest Free Solar Grant

New Solar with Solar Battery options Queensland Government $3000 Grant and $10,000  Interest free loan UV Power have a solar and battery package available that includes 6.6kw of  quality Suntech solar panels and the Solax hybrid inverter…
Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
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Queensland Government Interest-free Solar Loans are Here

Government interest free solar loans are now available to Queensland households as part of their cost of living support package under the Affordable Energy Plan. More than $300 million of initiatives will make electricity more affordable for…
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Crypto currency and solar power. BlockChain, and Power ledger

I’m excited but a little confused about the new economy of crypotcurrencies . In the era of Blockchain and bitcoin, the newest development is peer to peer trading of solar energy that you produce. The energy produced by our rooftop solar system…
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How Long Does it Take to Pay Off Solar?

  The most common question we are asked about solar is, “How long will it take to pay my system off???” As every home is different and people use energy differently there is no exact answer, so we need to assess every house and…