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Solar Pullenvale, QLD 4073

We are a CEC Approved Retailer for solar panels, solar batteries and smart solar energy management in Pullenvale

Since 2009 we have installed over [number] solar power systems in Pullenvale – which accounts for over [ number x 22 ] solar panels and

approximately [ LG calculator ] of renewable energy production each system per year.

This solar energy production contributes to the average solar output of [postcode] which is now at least [ annual yield for postcode ] per year

and growing steadily.

With a drop in price for purchasing a solar battery and as energy prices continue to rise, we

have installed more and more solar storage solutions and also upgraded smaller solar panel

systems to higher yield installations in the Pullenvale and surrounding areas.

Surrounding suburb installations include: [List of surrounding areas].

Call us on 1300 887 140 for information, advice or a free solar quote

Call 1300 887 140 for a Free Solar Quote in Pullenvale

For fast and friendly service when you need a quote or advice on solar power, call 1300 887 140 now or complete the form on your right to request a call back. You can chat to us by phone during regular business hours, or send us an enquiry via our contact page and nominate a time that works best for you.

We would be delighted to help you make an informed decision about solar power and how going solar can help you save money on electricity bills while making a positive impact on the environment.

UV Power can come to you at your home or business, we have no call out fees and our specialists are well informed about the latest production quality and deals on solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, hot water timers, solar analytics and more.

Free solar quotes at home or business ( or online )

Our solar specialists are friendly and informative and perfectly happy to answer any questions you may have about installing solar on your home or commercial address. We have no call out fees for an on-site quote, but can also give you a quick and easy quote over the phone if you prefer (please note there may be additional costs on the day of installation if new information comes to light without an on-site quote).

Get started now with a free solar quote

Solar Battery Storage.

Solar batteries are becoming more and more affordable as battery prices drop and electricity prices continue to rise. For some people a solar battery can cover 100% of their night time energy usage or store energy to discharge during peak electricity cost times. A solar battery is a sizable investment, so its important to get the most up-to-date advice on which brands have the best performance, warrranty and company reputation.

We offer a free solar battery consultation for people that want to get the very best value for a new solar installation or solar system upgrade.

Read more about solar batteries or book a solar battery quote now


Solar Panel, Solar Inverter or Complete Solar System Upgrades

If your existing solar is underperforming, damaged or your energy needs have changed, UV Power can repair or replace your current solar system and bring it up to the highest current standards. In addition to improving energy output and helping to further reduce electricity bills, some upgrades will qualify for the generous government STC incentive which covers a large percentage of the cost of new solar panels

We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship but also prefer to think ahead when it comes to the reliability and reputation of the brands we use. For this reason we prefer to use components from what we consider the best solar brands such as: LG, SMA, Sonnen, Sunpower, Q-Cell, Longhi, Jinko, Sungrow, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge and Fronius

Energy Efficiency, Analytics and Automation

Energy efficiency is the easiest and most effective way to save money on electricity use, after all, you don’t pay for what you don’t use. The next best thing (and in our opinion, the future of energy management) is monitoring, analytics and energy automation. UV Power Solar Pullenvale is a qualified energy auditor and can provide comprehensive reporting, analysis and advice to improve your current energy efficiency and lower future costs.

Additionally with emerging innovations in smart solar technology it is possible to monitor and adjust your energy use to maximise self-consumption or to time usage for non-essential appliances when solar production is high.

Its an exciting time for solar so get in touch to discuss your solar needs


UV Power supply a complete range of solar power products & services for individual home users and businesses in Pullenvale (QLD). Our solar specialists provide on-site solar quotes, energy auditing, smart solar monitoring, system repairs and support for existing solar customers

Pullenvale Solar Power: more than just Residential or Commercial rooftop solar

UV Power’s solar experts provide professional advice and support to home solar users, small businesses and enterprise scale commercial industries on a broad range of topics.

We are more than just rooftop solar!

Our solar specialists can provide you with many helpful services including energy management, energy auditing, solar system design, solar system upgrade and repair, and the installation of smart solar monitoring and analytics systems.

Got a question about solar? We’d love to help! If we can’t answer your query we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Below are some links to useful information on our website – but please feel free to reach out to us via phone or email


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Let us know what your solar needs are, our informative and friendly approach to solar power has helped thousands of homes and businesses go solar since 2009.

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