Queensland Government Interest Free Loans for Solar

Queensland Government Interest Free Loans for Solar

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We Can Help You Get Interest Free Loans for Solar

Applications for Interest Free Loans for Solar are now open

We’re an approved installer for the Queensland Government Interest Free Loans for Solar program and have put together this guide to help you understand who it is designed for and how to apply

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer

What is the Interest Free Loans for Solar Program?

$0 solar loans are available for solar panels installation in Queensland households that qualify

Eligible Queensland households can now apply for an interest free solar loan

Helping More Families to Access Solar

The Interest-Free Loans for Solar (  IFLSS ) program has been created for households that couldn’t normally afford the upfront cost of solar. The program has been rolled out as part of the Queensland Government’s Affordable Energy Plan, which is a commitment to making electricity more affordable.

Under the scheme loans of up to $4500 can be repaid with zero interest over a loan period of up to 7 years.

Incredibly, for some households, this will make their solar installations cashflow positive from the second electricity bill forward ( the first bill will include additional costs for an electricity meter upgrade from their energy retailer )

The scheme is being administered by the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority ( QRIDA ) who will give approval of solar loan applications within 15 days of receiving the correct paperwork

The Process of Getting an IFLSS

The process of applying and being approved for an interest free solar loan is simple enough, but it requires a fair bit of documentation.

Step 1 

Get a quote from UV Power ( we’re an eligible solar supplier )

Step 2

Compile the following paperwork:

  1. most recent council rates notice for the residential property on which the eligible solar PV system is to be installed
  2. 6 or 12 months of electricity bills
  3. Centrelink income statement confirming Family Tax Benefit B
  4. Proof of Income
    1. for employed people = 2 x most recent pay slips
    2. for self employed = 2 x most recent tax returns
    3. for self funded retirees – annual super statement
    4. for pensioners / govt assistance recipients = Centrelink payment summary

Step 3 

We will assist you to submit your application

Step 4 

Wait up to 15 days for Approval

Step 5 

Successful applicants will receive a solar loan pre-approval loan certificate. At that stage you’ll need to book a time with us to install your solar PV system – which we will do ASAP

Step 6  

After installation of the system,the following documents must be completed and returned to QRIDA:

(a) Loan Letter of Offer;
(b) Direct Debit Request;
(c) Direct Debit Agreement; and
(d) Authority to Pay.

You will also need to send them our final invoice ( which will match the quoted amount )

Step 7 

Enjoy your new solar savings!

Get Started with Your Application

UV power is one of only 15 companies approved throughout South East Queensland to install solar systems under the IFLSS program

Get started today by filling out the form to the right and we will get in touch to answer any questions and / or make a time to give you a quote

Since our establishment UV power has worked with over 3000 residential and commercial customers to provide uniquely tailored solar solutions that fit their energy needs and budget.

Our focus on complete energy management solutions is what sets us apart from a majority of Brisbane solar companies in the current market.

We live by a code of ethics and only use quality products, experienced installers and guarantee service and workmanship that will last.

Get in touch with UV Power  to begin your journey to reduce your energy costs and run your home or commercial building as efficiently as possible.

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