With a customisable Solar Mini Power Station

Storing your excess solar energy was once only a thing for those living off the grid.

Now the technology has developed where a small box the size of a fridge can power up to 13kwh of energy for night time use.

Best of all its still grid connected and offers a Emergency Power Supply ( EPS) for power outages.

The product that can save you from high priced power bills is a Mini power station using 2 x 6.5kw LG Chem batteries, Battery management system, Solax Hybrid inverter and a Emergency Power System.

Combined into a small cabinet smaller than most residential fridges, its small but very powerful. The average house if managed well can self consume during the day and draw from the battery at night.

At times you may export your excess power to the grid and buy some back if the day is overcast or if your loads are higher than usual when using a lot of air conditioning etc.

The advantage of this mini power station is its a Hybrid system, meaning you are still grid connected if needed but mostly relying on your own produced power.

Whether you have an existing solar system that needs upgrading with batteries or need a complete battery and solar package , we can assist. 

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      Energy automation for optimal efficiency

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      Monitor production in real time

      solar power cycle

      Emergency Power System
      for Blackouts


      Use your own solar power at night

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      Long term energy security