The LG Chem RESU 3.3kW is part of the widely acclaimed LG Chem solar battery range.

There are 2 models of LG Chem, the low voltage LV model which is 48 volts and the high volume HV model which is 400 volts.  LG do not make inverters so you need to rely on a third party inverter for managing the charging and controlling of the battery. This has its advantages and disadvantages, as it gives you choice of inverters, whilst also providing challenges at the same time with communications and after sales service issues.  LG manufacture the cells in house and the unit is Korean made to high quality standards.

LV; The LV model is compatible with Sungrow and Goodwe inverters, and is the most popular model, due to the cheaper price of the inverters.

HV; The HV model is compatible with SMA, SolarEdge and Fronius.  The cost of the batteries is significantly higher than the LV model and combined with these inverters is a larger price than most other products on the market.

Our Experience with LG Chem RESU 3.3kW

LG Chem is one of our preferred solar battery brands. We think it is one of the best brands on the market; for this reason we have installed dozens of LG Chem solar batteries throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast including the RESU 3.3kW

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When researching the best solar panels, inverters and solar batteries it pays to do your homework. If you have the time you can access a lot of information online (including on our site ) or book a free quote with one of our solar experts.

Our quotes include a free analysis of your energy consumption patterns and recommendations based upon your location and lifestyle.

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