retrofit solar batteries

Retrofit Solar Batteries Options

for Queensland Government $3000 Grant and $6000 Interest free loan

If you have an existing solar PV system, a single phase connection and would like to add batteries, we have the new release Solax X1 Hybrid inverters with the Triple Power batteries.

Two components make up this package; The inverter, and the batteries.


Depending on your current circumstances there are two options available.
1. Retro fit; The X1 FIT
2. X1 hybrid inverter.

X1FIT; Ideal for Retrofitting.

If you have a premium new inverter we recommend you keep your existing inverter and add a retrofit Charger controller known as the Solax X1 FIT. This box is placed between your existing inverter and battery, with the role of charger, controller and battery manager.


X1Hybrid Inverter

If your inverter is out of warranty or a Chinese made inverter we recommend replacing the inverter with a new Hybrid X1 inverter. This inverter includes a standard inverter with the added Battery manager included and backup emergency power supply all in the one unit.

X1 Hybrid PIC


The Solax Triple power batteries come in modules of 6.3 kw. And one Master box. On a single phase you can have the choice of 6.3, 12.6 and 18.9kw connected to one master box.

Triple Power PIC

PRICES for a standard installation from;

X1 Hybrid 5kw Single phase Inverter
1 x 6.3Kw Triple Power Battery; 6.3kw; $11,000. Deposit $2000
2 x 6.3Kw Triple Power Battery; 12.6kw; $ 15000. Deposit 6000
3 x 6.3Kw Triple Power Battery; 18.9kw; $ 19000; Deposit $10000.

The deposit needs to be paid to UV Power. The additional $3000 grant and $6000 loan amount is paid to UV Power by the Queensland Government. The loan repayment of $6000 is over 10 years at the approximate amount of just under $12 per week!!. The exact amount will be confirmed by the government.

A standard Installation includes a solid concrete floor close to the inverter in a shaded area.. The exisiting meterboard must be in good condition and have enough space for the new circuit breakers and amalytics meter. ( 3 poles)

Additional costs may be required for; .Mounting Pad,, meterboard upgrades, Long cable runs, difficult access.
Warranty upgrade from 5 years to 10 years. $475.