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Government interest free solar loans are now available to Queensland households as part of their cost of living support package under the Affordable Energy Plan. More than $300 million of initiatives will make electricity more affordable for residential and business customers. Under the plan, electricity prices for typical household and small business customers will remain below inflation on average over the next 2 years.

The first project under the plan has just been released;  interest free solar loans.

Households who meet certain criteria can apply for an interest-free loan of up to $4,500 to purchase a solar system. The loan must be repaid within 7 years. Using these figures that 12.36 per week. A 6.6kw solar system has the potential to save you approx. $30 per week. Not only is it cash flow positive, its also interest free from the Queensland government.

Around 3,500 solar assistance packages are available. These loans will help households who don’t have the available funds to purchase a solar system upfront. As places are limited we recommend contacting UV Power as soon as possible. Once the 3500 places are filled you can go onto a waiting list with the hope that approved applicants ahead of you do not proceed with the solar loan. Purchasing a solar system can help to make your electricity more affordable.

If you meet the following criteria, get in contact with UV Power and we can get started.

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Eligibility criteria for solar loans are:

  1. applications must be for the supply and installation of an eligible solar PV system at a residential premises located in Queensland;
  2. applications must be submitted in the names of no more than two persons for whom the residential premises is their principal place of residence;
  3. at least one person applying must be the owner or joint owner of the residential premises;
  4. each person applying must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia;
  5. applicants must demonstrate they can repay the loan;
  6. applicants must have incurred total electricity costs at the premises at which the eligible solar PV system is to be installed, or at their previous principal place of residence of at least: (i) $1,000 over the past 6 months, or (ii) $2,000 over the past 12 months 2. Eligibility criteria (continued)
  7. at least one person applying must be receiving Family Tax Benefit B;
  8. the eligible solar PV system must be installed by an eligible solar supplier;
  9. applicants must not have previously received a solar loan for a residential premises; and
  10. the eligible solar PV system must not have been installed before an application for a solar loan is received by the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA).


Applicants are not eligible for assistance if:

(a) They are receiving the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme 44c feed-in tariff at the installation address; and

(b) The solar system is financed via a Lease or Solar Power Purchase Agreement


How to Apply for a QLD Government Interest Free Solar Loan

  1. Pre register at   and we will get you started.
  2. The following documents are required to support a solar loan application:
    1. Solar quote from UV Power
    2. most recent council rates notice for the residential property on which the eligible solar PV system is to be installed;
    3. either six or twelve months of electricity bills;
    4. Centrelink income statement confirming receipt of Family Tax Benefit B;
    5. proof of income, which includes:
      1.  salaried individuals – two most recent consecutive payslips;
      2.  self-employed individuals – two most recent tax returns;
      3.  self-funded retirees – annual superannuation statement; and
      4.  pensioners/government assistance recipients – Centrelink payment summary.

We will assist you with the government application and liase with the department to ensure the application is processed with 15 days.

UV Power will also liase with Energex for the grid application process and ensure your new metering is installed.




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