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How to effectively manage them to save money and maximize returns

All of our battery solar hybrid systems allow you to take control of your power giving you choice and flexibility over how you use the electricity grid. The large benefit of battery systems is the ability to control your produced energy and when to consume it.

The main aim of a solar hybrid system is more self-consumption of solar-generated power and less reliance on the grid. When the sun shine’s, you want to consume as much of this energy as possible, as all battery systems come with analytics meters this is relatively easy. Electricity is invisible and it has been hard to understand how much you are using at any one time.

All analytics meters will show the amount of energy being produced, how much you consume and the charge of the battery. By seeing the household energy and managing it well you can save a lot of money. The management is the key.


All our solar battery systems are set to the same consumption protocol operates as follows:

  1. When the sun is shining, the Hybrid inverter directs the solar power in the following order:
    1. To the home,
    2. To the battery bank,
  • To the grid, up to the export limit.
  1. When there is not enough solar power to run the home, then the power stored in the battery will be used.
  2. Power is only used from the grid when there is not enough solar power or stored power to run the home.


With any solar system, the production of energy is a basic function, but its how you use it that matters most. Using simple techniques such as timers will assist in increasing your return on investment.  Not only are they cheap and divert the suns energy to water storage, they also assist the power grid with reducing the overload to the grid and voltage issues from too much exported power. The following is a scenario of a household that has an electric boosted hot water system and a pool.

Hot Water timers

The hot water system can be put onto a timer to heat when the sun shines. During the middle of the day when the solar system is peaking production, your water can be heating from the suns energy. The simple electric boosted hot water system that uses approximately a third of your household energy can be powered by the sun. Best of all its very simple. A DIN mounted timer in your circuit board and a relay costs only $200 when installed at the same time as your solar system.

A more effective way of heating hot water is a Power Diverter that only takes the excess produced energy out of the system so that no energy is purchased from the grid when power is being used or the day is overcast.

Pool timers

Pool timers are not a new concept, but when combined with solar is a very cost-effective way to manage energy consumption. A pool timer should be set twice during the day. Most pools will draw under 1.5 kW of energy. If we set the timer for 9 am through to 11 am, When the pool timer switches off the hot water timer comes on as the solar production is higher and in most cases closer to 5 kW. Once the water is heated by 1 pm, the pool timer comes on for the afternoon until the sun goes low in the sky.


Basic automation

Many new household appliances come Wi-Fi enabled, which can be remotely controlled, or has a timer set.  Some packages also allow appliances to be switched on, if these are enough excess solar energy in the system. Your dishes and clothes can now be washed using excess solar power in your home. When you return home in the afternoon you can have the washing complete.

So during the day if the house is empty the sun has powered the hot water (approx. 7 kWh) and the pool pump (8 kWh) at no cost, and no energy from the grid. The remaining energy produced can be stored in a battery, and in this case a 10 kWh battery will be a good size. An average 6.6 kW system produces approx. 26 kWh in North NSW and South QLD, so 10 kWh should power most average houses through the night with the exception of running air conditioners.

Using a few simple timers, and some newer appliances can get you closer to being non reliant on the power grid. Batteries will charge between the timers, so any excess energy n the system is diverted into storage.

As the sun goes down in the afternoon, household energy consumption starts to increase, and batteries energy is then drawn upon.  As most of the larger appliances, pool and hot water is already consumed energy, its only the basics of lights, cooking, computers/ TV that is be consuming energy in the evening.

If you can manage your energy well, the power grid is now used only as a back up. At the moment we don’t recommend disconnecting from the grid, as it still serves a purpose. As a backup the grid will purchase your excess energy, and you will buy energy when the battery is low. As technology increases the grid can be a source of income, with the introduction of Virtual Power plants, where you can provide your stored energy to the grid when the grid is in demand, at a premium price.

Solar and batteries on their own are good methods in reducing your reliance on the power grid and consuming expensive coal fired power. But equally important is the management of the time of day you consume energy. With good management and the correct battery sizing your household power bills can be minimized and hopefully neutralized.

When buying a solar and battery system from UV Power we assist you with energy efficiency and management. With good management and a good sized battery and solar system your energy costs have been minimized. We are your long-term partners in energy management. Your system has been monitored, so we now have the power to manage your energy methodically and precisely.

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