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Aiko: The Future Market Leader in Australia

Aiko is a new player in the Australian market, poised to become a market leader in no time. This is largely due to the technological advancements in their design. By placing the bus bars at the rear of the cell, Aiko panels offer increased cell efficiency and shade tolerance.

In a recent comparison of different panel brands under shaded conditions, Aiko outperformed all others. Therefore, if your roof is shaded, investing in Aiko panels is a worthwhile decision that will boost your yield.

Aiko Brand

Aiko is a global cell solar panel manufacturer that has been producing cell technology for some of the largest names in solar since 2009. They are a publicly listed company with an Australian registered entity and office, as well as a local sales and support team.


Aiko panels utilize N-type silicon cells with ABC (All Back Contact) technology, which means there are no visible busbars and the module efficiency is industry-leading. These panels also incorporate a unique cell-level optimisation technology that provides exceptional shade and soiling tolerance.

In simpler terms, this technology can be compared to using an iPhone 14 while everyone else is still using iPhone 12s.

Comparison to other solar panel brands

Aiko yields more solar energy than other brands such as Jinko, JA Solar, Longi Solar, Huawei, and Sun Tech. This is due to its ability to generate solar energy even in shaded areas.

In our opinion, the Aiko solar panel is the best solar panel available to those looking to install or update their solar system in Brisbane.

Price comparison

Perhaps even more impressive than the specifications is the fact that these Aiko modules are priced affordably. The cost of Aiko panels is mid-range in the Australian market.

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