GoodWe: Of all the Chinese-made inverters, GoodWe is the pick of the bunch.

They are well-made, have good designs, and offer excellent after-sales care. However, not all inverters are created equal. It is important to choose the correct model to future-proof yourself.

The Single Phase EH model, although a little more expensive than the standard inverter, can be upgraded to include batteries with a software unlock code. This code can be purchased when adding the batteries.

The Three Phase ET models are battery plug and play. It is worth spending a little more now to have more options in the future.

GoodWe Brand: 5/5

GoodWe is widely regarded as one of the top Chinese brands in the industry. They offer a diverse product range with a strong focus on hybrid battery ready inverters, batteries, and EV chargers. Moreover, their after-sales service is considered the best in the industry.

Technology: 4.5/5

GoodWe is known for its innovative approach and commitment to continuously improving its technology through active firmware and software upgrades.

Competitor Comparison: 5/5

GoodWe stands out as our preferred choice when considering factors such as price, technology, product selection, and after-sales support, making it a compelling value proposition.

Price Comparison: 4.5/5

While GoodWe's products are priced slightly below those of Sungrow for similar offerings, they are still considered cost-effective. Although they may be more expensive than some cheaper brands, the superior design and quality make GoodWe the best-priced option in the market.

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