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JA Solar: A trusted player in the solar panels industry

JA Solar is a prominent player in the solar panels industry. We have been installing JA Solar panels since 2009 and have developed a longstanding relationship with the company.

Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship, and we are confident that if any issues arise with JA Solar, we can rely on their support to provide our customers with a quick resolution. Over the past 14 years of installing solar panels, we have not encountered a single problem with JA Solar panels.

Among the mid-range panel offerings we have installed, the new model double glass panel stands out as the best option.

JA Solar brand: 4/5

JA Solar is a renowned manufacturer of solar panels, known for its long-standing presence in the industry. It stands as one of the world's largest solar panel producers in terms of volume.

Technology: 4.5/5

Particularly noteworthy is the impressive new model of JA solar panels, which feature double glass and "n" type cells. These advancements have contributed to our largest selling pane in the last 12 months, showcasing the appeal and reliability of JA Solar's technology.

Competitor comparison: 4/5

In an industry marked by high competitiveness and frequent openings and closures of companies, JA Solar stands out as a stable and reliable player. Choosing JA Solar panels is a secure investment in longevity, offering assurance in an uncertain market.

Price comparison: 4/5

Despite the competitiveness of the market, JA Solar's prices position the product in the mid-range, with a quality that places it in the upper area of this category. This balance of affordability and superior product quality makes JA Solar panels an attractive option for those seeking reliable and efficient solar solutions.

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