Warranty claims

We value our customers and strive to provide efficient and reliable warranty services to ensure your peace of mind.

Warranty Claims Process

If you encounter any issues with your system, rest assured that our warranty covers the necessary repairs or replacements at no cost to you. To expedite your warranty claim, please follow the process outlined below:

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    Existing UV Power customers

    If your system was installed by UV Power, simply reach out to us for fast and efficient warranty claims processing.

  • An icon to represent non-UV Power customers - a sun line icon in a light blue circle.

    Installation not by UV Power

    If your system was not installed by UV Power and your original installation company is unable to assist (e.g., out of business), we can still help you, with associated costs.

Please include the following in your form submission:

  • Inverter brand, make and model numbers
  • UV Power invoice/receipt number
  • Solar panels brand and make
  • Street address of installation

Warranty claim form

Understanding Solar System Warranties

It's important to understand what the warranty on solar systems covers. While the solar panel warranty may be advertised as 25 years, it's crucial to note that this warranty is typically divided into four separate components:

  • Panel Performance Warranty

    Solar panels usually come with a 25-year performance warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring that the panels will still produce 80% of their rated output after 25 years.

  • Panel Product Warranty

    The solar panel manufacturer also provides a product warranty, usually lasting 20-25 years, to protect against underperformance due to faulty modules.

  • Inverter Warranty

    The inverter, a critical component, is typically covered by a 10-year warranty, which can sometimes be extended for an additional fee.

  • Solar Installation Warranty

    UV Power offers a 10-year installation warranty, encompassing any installation-related issues.