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At UV Power, we value our customers' time and offer personalised solutions to meet their unique energy needs. Please see below for more information on our quoting process.

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Our quoting process

When considering the purchase of a solar system, it's important to adopt a long-term perspective. A high-quality system, when equipped with the right components and installed correctly, should ideally last up to its warranted 25 years. Opting for the cheapest system available may result in higher costs in the long run. Therefore, we strongly advise you to carefully evaluate your options before making a decision.

  • Sizing up for future needs

    At our company, we emphasise the transition to electrifying everything, including eliminating gas in households, driving electric vehicles (EVs), and storing energy for nighttime usage. With the current trend moving in this direction, when sizing up a solar system, we consider your future energy needs. For instance, if you are considering an EV, based on the average energy consumption of 15kWh per 100km and the average daily travel distance of 80km, an additional 12kWh of energy would be necessary. This would require only an additional 3kW of panels or 7 solar panels. By investing in solar panels, you could potentially save on the long-term costs associated with petrol. Additionally, the cost of 7 panels and a larger inverter can be as little as $1500 on top of an existing system.

  • Embracing Energy Storage with Batteries

    We believe that the future of energy lies in storage. Therefore, even if you may find batteries expensive at the moment, it's still worthwhile to consider purchasing a hybrid battery-ready inverter. For a relatively small additional cost, you can install a hybrid inverter, which, when combined with a battery in the future, can result in substantial savings.

  • Site-Specific Solar System Designs

    Our solar systems are tailored to be site-specific, based on your unique needs and preferences. When designing a system, we take into account your daily routines to determine the optimal placement of panels. For instance, if your home is vacant during the early morning and occupied from mid-afternoon, we would prioritise placing the majority of the panels on the western roof to maximise self-consumption. Additionally, in some homes, we may need to install panels on three or four different roof surfaces, which requires more time and materials. The pricing on our website is based on specific conditions, and our consultants will provide accurate pricing based on your home's specific requirements.

  • Metering Considerations

    When installing solar, a new Bi-Directional meter is installed to measure both imports and exports to the grid. Under Energex/Ergon metering rules, compliance with new metering standards is essential. While most new homes are compliant and those built after 1985 to 2000 are generally close to compliant, older homes built before the 1980s may require upgrades. The extent of these upgrades varies based on individual circumstances, and we may request a photo of your motherboard to determine the correct price.