Solar Carport

Welcome to Our Solar Carports for Commercial Spaces

Discover our modular single or double-sided carport designs that can accommodate up to 18 parking spots. Our innovative solution is expandable to fit any desired number of parking spaces with a custom design tailored to your specific needs, making it the perfect choice for commercial projects.

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*For reference, a double-sided carport coverage designed for 16 parking spaces (equivalent toapproximately 40m in length) can accommodate a standard 100kW solar system, which is the maximum system sizeeligible for STC claim.

  • Single side

    Power output 6.06kWp

    Structure length 6550mm

    Structure width 4800mm

    Solar Panels GoodWe Polaris 505w or 525w

  • Double side

    Power output 7.875kWp

    Structure length 6550mm

    Structure width 5200mm

    Solar Panels GoodWe Polaris 505w or 525w

  • Commercial and industry

    • Shopping Centre
    • Business Park
    • Schools or Universities
    • Petrol Station Charging Station
  • Government

    • Council Library
    • Community Centre
    • Local Councils
  • Entertainment

    • Sport Centre
    • Aquatic Centre
    • Motels or Hotels
    • Local Attractions or Theme Parks
  • Public transport

    • Bus Depots
    • Bus Stations
    • Train Stations
  • Structural waterproof panel

    Integrated with Polaris, the GoodWe BIPV panels boast a built-in waterproof structure, eliminating the need for glue and ensuring a tidy and aesthetic appearance.

  • Easy installation

    The GoodWe BIPV Polaris Panel boasts built-in snap-fit designs that drastically reduce the requirement for extra parts and facilitate swift on-site installation.

  • Modular Design

    The modular design of the Solar Carport enhances efficiency, reduces costs and construction time, and adds convenience, all while minimising on-site pollutants such as welding dust.

  • Competitive Price

    The Solar Carport is a top-tier product that is competitively priced, offering reduced capital costs for a better payback.

  • Integrated lighting system

    Integrated motion sensor lighting system in the solar car port.

  • Video camera position reserved

    The video camera position in the solar car port is reserved, with potential for a smart surveillance camera add-on to enhance security and monitoring capabilities.

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