SMA: Overpriced and outdated

With their German heritage, SMA was once a leader in the solar inverter industry. However, a few poor decisions made 8 years ago have resulted in a diminished market presence in Australia.

While they are still active in large commercial inverter installations, their domestic offerings are not as strong. Unfortunately, SMA does not currently offer a domestic hybrid inverter for the new age of home batteries. Additionally, their car chargers are priced at a premium of $1000 compared to their rivals at Fronius.

If you have an SMA inverter and want your data on the same portal, I would recommend their EV charger. However, for others, their current offering is overpriced and outdated.

SMA brand: 4/5

SMA, formerly the leader in residential solar inverters, has shifted its focus to larger commercial applications. Consequently, the variety of products offered for residential use has diminished.

Technology: 3/5

SMA currently does not provide hybrid or battery options. Their EV charger, while competent, is comparable to other offerings in the market.

Competitor comparison: 3/5

Once a prominent player, SMA's current product range lags behind that of its competitors in terms of available options.

Price comparison: 3/5

The EV charger is considered overpriced in comparison to similar products, while the solar inverters, though of average quality, come at a premium price.

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