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Canadian Solar: *Spoiler*, not actually Canadian

Don't be misled, Canadian Solar is 100% owned and manufactured in China, not a small town nor country Canada. However, the misleading name should not deter you from considering the product.

Canadian Solar produces quality panels and has a large Australian office for after-sales support. While it can be challenging to get a warranty processed, Canadian Solar is one of the better choices for a Chinese-made panel.

Canadian Solar brand: 4.5/5

Canadian Solar, despite its name, is not Canadian-owned or made; it is 100% Chinese. The company has established itself as a resilient player in the competitive solar panel market, offering good after-sales service and a decent mid-range product.

Technology: 4/5

In terms of technology, Canadian Solar is in line with the majority of Chinese companies, often releasing similar technology just a few months after its competitors.

Competitor comparison: 4/5

Canadian Solar's offerings are similar to those of its competitors, reflecting the prevailing industry standards.

Price comparison: 3.5/5

While Canadian Solar's products are of similar quality to those of its competitors, their panels are slightly more expensive.

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