Our Most Popular Battery System: The Alpha

The Alpha is our most popular battery system, offering a compact and sleek design. It combines a battery, charger, and inverter into one unit. The Alpha is compatible with most virtual power plants and comes with a dedicated team to assist with any after-sales issues. We are excited to announce that we are currently installing 200 Alpha units into a large townhouse development, and the results have been fantastic.

AlphaESS brand: 4/5

When it comes to solar batteries, AlphaESS stands out as a leading brand, offering a range of reliable all-in-one units that combine sleek aesthetics with robust performance.

Technology: 4/5

The Alpha software is designed to seamlessly integrate with most retailer Virtual Power Plants (VPP), and each new model comes equipped with advanced features such as both AC and DC coupling. Moreover, these models hold the potential for full off-grid usage, providing users with a comprehensive energy solution.

Competitor comparison: 4/5

In terms of both battery size and price, Alpha's offerings present exceptional value for money, positioning the brand as a compelling alternative to other home battery competitors.

Price comparison: 4/5

Despite being competitively priced, Alpha's battery systems offer a high-quality and reliable energy storage solution, making them a noteworthy choice for consumers seeking a dependable and efficient power storage option.

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