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General Electric: A leading energy company

General Electric (GE) is one of the world's oldest energy companies and the GEH series of single phase hybrid inverters are our biggest seller.

The GEH series of single-phase hybrid inverters stands out due to its unique 4 MMPT (Multiple Maximum Powerpoint Tracking) and large built-in hybrid box features. With 4 MMPT trackers, you can add panels at 4 different angles, maximising energy production. The spacious hybrid box allows for fast movement of energy up to 40 Amps. These features set it apart from other inverters available in the market.

Choosing General Electric means a reliable and efficient solution for your energy needs.

General Electric brand: 5/5

General Electric, a renowned and established electrical company, has expanded into the residential solar market, leveraging its extensive experience to earn a strong brand presence.

Technology: 5/5

The GEH single-phase hybrids have emerged as the best-selling inverters, receiving a rating of 5 from us for their cutting-edge technology and superior specifications within the single-phase inverter category.

Competitor comparison: 5/5

General Electric Solar Inverters are supported in Australia by Goodwe, which boasts an exceptional service infrastructure placing them highly against other competitors in the market.

Price comparison: 3/5

Despite receiving a rating of 3 for price comparison, it's crucial to highlight that the GE hybrid inverter offers high specifications and is competitively priced compared to Fronius. Moreover, it delivers more power, more trackers, a longer warranty, and superior support, signifying outstanding value for the investment.

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