Commercial solar

Commercial solar systems, designed for larger spaces such as businesses and enterprises, are notably different from their residential counterparts in several key aspects:

  • Size and Efficiency

    Commercial solar panels are larger and more efficient, featuring 96 cells compared to the 72 cells found in residential panels. This results in higher power production and increased efficiency for commercial systems.

  • Installation and Design

    The installation process for commercial panels tends to be longer due to the sheer scale and quantity of panels involved. Engineers must assess the facility’s specifics and obtain approval from a more extensive array of stakeholders, introducing delays in the installation timeline.

  • Aesthetics

    Commercial solar panel systems are more often white, while residential solar panels tend to be black. The colour difference impacts efficiency, with white panels allowing for both sides of the panel to produce more energy.

  • Energy Production

    Commercial solar systems are designed to produce a significantly higher energy output compared to residential systems, making them suitable for powering larger properties or businesses.

Solar panels installed on a warehouse in Brisbane. There are four rows of 10 panels on a tin roof.

Solar for Warehouses and factories

The factory has taken a proactive approach to reduce its energy costs by integrating solar panels into its operations. The 100kw solar system covers close to 50% of the factory's energy needs.

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AN office building in Brisbane

Solar for commercial offices

In a recent project, we addressed the energy needs of a small office building in Brisbane with a comprehensive solar solution. The primary objective was to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and achieve a sustainable approach to power consumption.

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