LG RESU Series: High-quality batteries made in South Korea

The LG RESU series of batteries are known for their high quality and are manufactured in South Korea. LG has demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction through their recall of older battery models, which serves as a testament to their dedication to after-sales service. We believe in supporting companies that prioritise consumer welfare.

Currently, LG batteries are available at very competitive prices, making them an excellent choice for cost-effective energy storage.

LG brand: 3/5

LG Energy Solution is a renowned electrical manufacturer with a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1947. Despite a recent battery recall, the brand's commitment and resources have bolstered its support, enhancing its reliability in the market.

Technology: 4.5/5

The 48V RESU series has been a cornerstone of LG's offerings for the past 6 years. The introduction of the new PRIME models further expands their compatibility, now including GE inverters.

Competitor comparison: 4/5

LG stands out as a robust company with a secure foundation. It is a safe and enduring choice, poised to thrive for generations to come.

Price comparison: 4/5

Following the recall, LG's battery series is now available at a comparable price to its Chinese counterparts. This presents an opportunity to acquire a premium South Korean product at an excellent value.

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