REC: Reliable and excellent customer service

We have been installing REC panels for over 10 years. REC is a company based in Norway, and their panels are manufactured in Singapore. With market-leading warranties and excellent service, REC is a top choice for premium solar panels. They offer the standard Twin Peaks model or the premium Alpha model.

Recently, REC was acquired by Reliance Industries, and they have plans to expand their operations with new factories in Europe and America.

REC brand: 5/5

REC is a renowned brand known for its premium quality and strong market presence. The company is highly regarded for its reliability and well-crafted panels, making them a popular choice among consumers.

Technology: 5/5

The REC Alpha panels stand out for their innovative technology, which was considered the best at the time of introduction. REC was a pioneer in the industry by being the first to incorporate split cell technology, a feature that has since been adopted by other panel manufacturers.

Competitor comparison: 4/5

As an industry leader, REC sets itself apart through continuous innovation and the production of high-quality solar panels. Their commitment to pushing boundaries positions them as one of the foremost companies in the solar panel industry.

Price comparison: 4/5

While REC solar panels may be priced higher than those of Chinese Tier One manufacturers, their superior quality justifies the cost, making REC panels a compelling investment in terms of long-term value and performance.

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