Giving Back

Welcome to our power company's community initiatives page. At our company, we are committed to giving back to the community and supporting worthwhile causes.

Our commitment to the community goes beyond just providing energy solutions. We believe in making a positive impact on the environment and the lives of the people we serve. Through our support for these initiatives, we aim to create a sustainable and thriving community for all.

Recent give back initiatives

Two children from the solar buddy program smiling at the camera in their town.

Creating a brighter future for all children

Solar Buddy

Solar Buddy is a working to raise awareness and tackle the issues of energy poverty by gifting innovative, sustainable solutions to illuminate the futures of all children. UV Power are a proud donor of this initiative that has impacted over a million lives.

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Two women, one very young and the other in her 30s, smiling and laughing at the camera.

Educate + empower + protect


Bravehearts mission is to provide a coordinated and holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Their vision is a world where people, communities and systems all work together to protect children. UV Power are proud to support the mission and vision of Bravehearts.

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An older male representative of the Save the Daintree program smiling at the camera in the rainforest. The man is holding a sign that says 'Protect Beautiful Queensland. I love the Daintree'.

Rainforest buy back program

Save The Daintree

Save the Daintree is a conservation program aimed at protecting the Daintree Rainforest, the world's oldest rainforest, through land purchase and restoration. UV Power is a proud supporter and donor of Save the Daintree, contributing to the conservation efforts.

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7 cyclists in matching jerseys smiling and laughing as the cycle pass the photographer. The Cyclists are cycling to raise funds for the Mental Wheels Foundation.

Improving mental health through action

Mental Wheels Foundation

The Mental Wheels Foundation is an action-oriented organisation dedicated to raising funds for crucial mental health initiatives, such as research, program development, and scholarships, all aimed at enhancing the state of mental health in Australia. UV Power is a proud supporter of the Mental Wheels Foundation, recognising the importance of their work and the positive impact it has on mental health in the community.

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