Residential solar

At UV Power, we take great pride in our 14 years of experience in the solar industry, witnessing trends come and go while consistently identifying top-quality products.

Three solar electricians installing solar panel systems on the rooftops of townhouses in the Carseldine Village residential complex in brisbane.

Our expertise extends to conducting energy audits and providing tailored solar solutions for Brisbane homeowners.

With a track record of successfully installing over 200 systems for the Carseldine Village QLD Government project, we have also collaborated with builders on new build solar installations.

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    Complete residential solar system

    Reduce electricity bills and improve energy independence without sacrificing lifestyle.

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    Off-Grid Solar

    Achieve complete energy independence with a high-quality system.

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    Solar Batteries

    Store excess energy for use during peak times or in case of power outages.

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    EV Chargers

    Conveniently charge your electric vehicle at home.

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A solar installer and supplier in Brisbane showing a customer their new solar panels, unpacking them off the back of a ute.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Our residential solar services are designed to help you reduce electricity bills and improve your energy independence without sacrificing your lifestyle.

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A solar supplier examining the health of a solar inverter, and helpfully explaining to the home owner how the solar system works.

Solar Health Checks

We offer solar health checks to ensure that your system is performing optimally, providing you with peace of mind regarding the return on your investment.

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