Fronius: High quality inverters and car chargers, but poor customer service

Fronius, an Austrian company, offers a range of high-quality inverters and car chargers. Their products are known for their excellent design and craftsmanship. While Fronius prioritises quality, their customer service is average.

Fronius' Gen 24 inverters are compatible with BYD batteries, allowing for a seamless upgrade and future-proofing of your home.

In the past, we installed Fronius inverters in 80% of our projects due to their superior performance compared to Chinese offerings. However, with the introduction of the new models of Goodwe hybrid inverters, our preference for Fronius has decreased to 30%.

Fronius brand: 3/5

Fronius, once regarded as an industry leader renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, has faced challenges in recent times. The emergence of new, more affordable inverter models from competing brands has resulted in a decline in Fronius' market share, coupled with reported shortcomings in their customer service. While Fronius products still maintain their hallmark quality, the brand's supremacy in technology and service has been called into question.

Technology: 4.5/5

Fronius' latest offerings include the Gen 24 inverters and Watt pilot car chargers, representing the brand's ongoing commitment to technological advancement and innovation.

Competitor comparison: 4/5

Despite its recent challenges, Fronius continues to excel in providing stability and quality to its customers. Furthermore, opting for Fronius entails investing in a European-made inverter, underscoring the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and reliability.

Price comparison: 3/5

It is important to note that Fronius products are positioned at a higher price point, reflective of their status as a premium product. However, it's crucial to consider that while Fronius offers a 5+5 year warranty, some of its competitors provide newer technology and more comprehensive warranty packages, thereby presenting customers with a broader array of options to consider.

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