Growatt: Good on a budget

Often portrayed as cheap and low-quality, the new offerings from Growatt have significantly improved in recent years. If you have a tight budget and every penny counts, Growatt inverters are a viable solution.

If you already own a Growatt inverter, it is recommended that you install a Growatt EV charger. This allows the charge data to be monitored on the same app as your solar production.

As a global leader in volume and with an extensive after-sales network, Growatt is definitely worth considering.

Growatt brand: 3/5

Growatt has significantly improved its reliability and expanded its model offerings, making it a competitive choice for consumers. It is notably one of the most cost-effective inverter and battery systems available in the market. While traditionally appealing to budget-conscious consumers, Growatt's recent enhancements have made it a more reliable option. The company has notably improved its after-sales service, further enhancing its appeal to consumers.

Technology: 3.5/5

Growatt currently offers a limited range of battery-ready inverters. To future-proof your home, we recommend considering a hybrid inverter. However, it's worth noting that Growatt lags behind other manufacturers in this aspect by a few years.

Competitor comparison: 3/5

In terms of technology, Growatt falls behind its competitors; however, it excels in after-sales service, setting itself apart in this area.

Price comparison: 4/5

Growatt offers the most competitively priced inverter in the market, making it an attractive option for consumers seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

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