Solar for Office Buildings

In a recent project, we addressed the energy needs of a small office building in Brisbane with a comprehensive solar solution. The primary objective was to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and achieve a sustainable approach to power consumption. Here's how we approached and resolved the challenges:

AN office building in Brisbane

The Solar Solution

Inverter and Panels: We selected a 27kw Fronius Eco inverter paired with 36kw of Longi panels to effectively harness solar energy for the building's power requirements.

Consumption Metering: To gain insights into the building's electrical performance and identify areas for improvement, we integrated consumption metering as a crucial component of the solar system.

A detailed view of a solar panel, capturing its intricate design and the reflection of sunlight on its surface.

Identifying Energy Wastage

Following the installation, our monitoring system quickly provided valuable data. We discovered that the conditioning unit, consuming 15kwh, was operating inefficiently on a timer during off-peak hours, resulting in significant energy wastage and unnecessary costs amounting to $3000 annually. This issue would have remained unnoticed without the monitoring system in place, highlighting the importance of proactive energy management.

A graph showing the energy consumption improvements of an office building since installing a solar system. The graph shows the solar power collected from the solar panels versus the few times the office has had to pull from the grid. The graph shows the savings on energy since installing solar.

Utilising Solar Energy

Notably, the solar system generated surplus energy beyond the building's requirements. This excess energy was efficiently channeled back to the grid, effectively offsetting the daily service charge and resulting in minimal to no power bills for the building.

The alignment of office hours (9am to 5pm) with peak solar production hours further optimised energy utilisation and financial returns.

A solar installer and supplier unpacking solar panels from the back of a ute, and preparing them for installation for a customer in brisbane.

Maximising Return on Investment

For office buildings operating during regular business hours, the potential for solar self-consumption and the associated economic benefits are maximised. This aligns with the best payback options and offers the highest return on investment, making it a strategic and financially prudent choice for sustainable energy solutions.

Reduce your Commercial Energy Costs

By employing a tailored solar solution and leveraging consumption monitoring, we were able to significantly enhance the energy efficiency of the office building, reduce operational costs, and pave the way for a sustainable and economically viable energy future.

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