Sungrow is the only Chinese owned and made inverter we install. Chinese inverters have a well deserved bad name in the solar industry. Failure rates have been high and after sales support has been poor to non existent, until now. We have had nothing but headaches and huge costs in replacing failed Chinese inverters, at least until Sungrow Crystal series came along. Sungrow has now grown to be the largest inverter manufacturer in the world, due to their reputation on quality, design, innovation, reliability and price. I am a huge critic of heap Chinese products, but cannot fault the Sungrow. Credit where credit is due. Our philosophy of buying and installing quality is central to our beliefs and Sungrow have passed our rigorous standards. So if your budget is tight, this is the best option. Don’t settle for any other Chinese inverter as in the end you will regret it.

Sungrow Power has been manufacturing inverters since 1997. Their grid connect under 5kW sized inverters are leading the market in product development, their Hybrid inverters are considered one of the best in the world pairing perfectly with the LG Chem Resu inverter range. Sungrow inverters come with an onsite warranty. Sungrow have an Australian office, with after sales service and technical support.

Easy to navigate with intelligent monitoring, Sungrows ‘Solarinfobank’ is the online platform to view the performance of your inverter, your solar system and storage system and your homes consumption data.