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BYD HVM 2.76 8.3kWh Battery

BYD HVM 2.76 8.3kWh Battery

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BYD Battery-Box Premium: The Ideal Solar Battery Solution for Brisbane Residents

BYD, a prominent global manufacturer of batteries and electric vehicles, offers the highly efficient and reliable energy storage solution, the BYD Battery-Box Premium. This advanced technology provides numerous benefits for both residential and commercial users, making it a top choice for solar battery applications in Brisbane, Queensland.

Quality and Compatibility

  • BYD batteries are well-regarded products from a leading diversified leader in battery technology, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Compatible with the Fronius Gen 24 and General Electric GEH models, the BYD battery stands out as one of the best options available, emphasising its reliability and versatility for various solar setups.

Key Benefits

  • The BYD Battery-Box Premium boasts a high voltage module (HVM 2.76) that allows for greater energy storage capacity in a compact design, an ideal feature for installations with limited space.
  • Its faster charging and discharging capabilities ensure quick responses to changing energy demands, making it a practical and efficient choice for solar energy storage.

In summary, the BYD Battery-Box Premium is a top-tier energy storage solution that offers exceptional reliability and efficiency, making it a worthwhile long-term investment for solar energy users in Brisbane.

Prices and Installation

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  • Factors such as labor, materials, permits, and additional services can influence the overall cost.
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Technical specifications

Module Model
Battery-Box Premium HVM 8.3/8.28kWh
Energy capacity
Usable capacity
Degree of protection


Country of Manufacturer


Australian after sales care

Yes, local and very good.

Temperature range

-10 to 50 degrees celsius


10 years


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