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AlphaESS Smile5 20.2kWh Battery

AlphaESS Smile5 20.2kWh Battery

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Introducing the AlphaESS Smile5 20.2kWh Battery – your ultimate solution for efficient and reliable energy storage. Perfect for homeowners and businesses with high energy demands, this compact all-in-one unit integrates seamlessly with your solar system without the need for an additional inverter.



Integrated Inverter: No need for an external inverter, saving space and reducing installation complexity.

Compact Design: A sleek, all-in-one unit that fits comfortably in your home or garage.

VPP Compatibility: Easily integrates with most virtual power plants, maximising energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

High Capacity: Ideal for larger solar systems and high energy users, offering double the capacity of the 10kWh model.

Versatile Compatibility: Works with any brand of solar panel, providing flexibility in your energy setup.

Key features

Coupling Options: DC-Coupling, AC-Coupling, and Hybrid-Coupling for versatile system integration.

Battery Modules: Available in 10.1kWh, 13.3kWh, and 20.2kWh configurations.

VPP Value Stacked: Optimised for Brisbane households to enhance energy efficiency.

All-In-One Solution: Combines inverter, charger, and battery in one unit.

Technical Support: Comprehensive after-sales support from Alpha's Australian team.


Ideal for

Homeowners seeking a dependable energy storage solution.

Solar Panel Users looking to enhance their energy systems.

Businesses aiming to cut down on energy costs.

Government Entities requiring robust and efficient energy solutions.

Brisbane Residents wanting to take advantage of local installations and support.

Experience the power of efficient energy storage with the AlphaESS Smile5 20.2kWh Battery. Designed to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-capacity solar batteries, it’s the perfect addition to your sustainable energy solution. Upgrade your energy system today and enjoy the benefits of advanced, integrated technology.

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Technical specifications

Module Model
2x SMILE-BAT-10.1P
Energy capacity
Usable capacity
2x 610mm
2x 678mm
2x 236mm
Degree of protection

IP65 (Outdoor)

Country of Manufacturer


Australian after sales care


Temperature range

-10 to 50 degrees celsius


5 year product warranty
10 year battery performance warranty


About AlphaESS



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