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Growatt Three Phase Smart Metre

Growatt Three Phase Smart Metre

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The Growatt Smart Metre: Powering Your Car with Solar Energy

The Growatt Smart Metre is a device that allows you to harness solar energy to power your car. It reads your household consumption and sends the data to the Thor EV charger.

Here's how it works: if there is excess solar energy (e.g., 3kWh) that is not needed by your house, the Growatt Smart Metre sends this information to the Thor charger, which then feeds your car with the exact amount of energy (in this case, 3kWh). This means that there is no need to export energy to the grid or buy power from the grid.

The Growatt Smart Metre offers the following features:

  • Class 1 measurement accuracy
  • LCD display for easy setup and monitoring
  • Meter with CT for easy installation
  • Compatibility with Growatt storage, Thor charger, and solar inverters

With the Growatt Smart Metre, you can enjoy the benefits of a solar-powered car, receiving precise energy without any solar spillage.

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