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SMA Smart EV Charger

SMA Smart EV Charger

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SMA: A Leading German Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

SMA is a renowned German solar energy equipment supplier that was founded in 1981. With its headquarters in Germany, the company has established itself as a global powerhouse in solar inverters, known for its continued commitment to high-quality engineering and products.

The EV Charger: Integration with SMA Energy System

The EV Charger by SMA is designed to seamlessly integrate with your SMA Energy System, specifically the Sunny Home Manager 2.0. This integration allows the EV charger to connect with your home solar energy system, maximising the self-consumption of solar power.

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging

The SMA EV Charger offers a range of intelligent options for electric vehicle charging, including:

  • Convenient management of charging processes
  • Forecast-based charging
  • Definition of charging targets to minimize costs
  • Optimized charging
  • Smart charging utilizing self-generated solar power
  • Fast charging
  • Extra-fast charging through the boost function

Premium Quality and Longevity

SMA inverters are known for their premium quality and longevity. Designed and manufactured in Germany, these inverters have been observed to operate at full capacity for over 15 years, even in the harsh Australian climate, surpassing most competitors.

Price Comparison

However, it is worth noting that the price of SMA chargers is higher compared to their main rival, Fronius. The SMA car chargers are built with the same long-term philosophy of quality without compromise.

Seamless Integration with SMA Infrastructure

If you already own an SMA inverter and use the monitoring app Sunny Portal, the chargers seamlessly communicate via Smart Connect and become part of the SMA infrastructure.

Our Rating

Considering all these factors, we rate the SMA chargers 4 out of 5 stars.

Prices and Installation

  • Prices for products are indicative and subject to change based on various factors, including installation requirements.
  • Installation costs can significantly impact the final price of a product or service.
  • Factors such as labour, materials, permits, and additional services can influence the overall cost.
  • It's essential to consider installation expenses when budgeting for a purchase.
  • Seek detailed quotes from professionals to accurately assess the total cost, including installation.


SMA Smart EV Charger
Country of Manufacturer Germany
Dynamic Load balance Yes
Australian after sale care Yes
Warranty term 5 years
Dimensions (mm) 460 x 357 x 122
Weight 8kg
tethered/untethered cables Cables Tethered
PIN/ Physical lock PIN
IP Rating IP65
Operating temperature -15 to 40 degrees
OCPP1.6 communications Yes
Smart metre or CT Clamp Smart metre
LED Display No


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