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Single Phase Type 2 To Type 2 Charging Cable (5-10m)

Single Phase Type 2 To Type 2 Charging Cable (5-10m)

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Type 2 Cable

Our Type 2 cables are perfect for smaller EVs and single-phase households. They are of the highest quality and standard, allowing you to charge your car from any public or home EV charging point. We offer them in 5 or 10 meters to suit all your needs.

Please note that the Type 2 end of this cable must always be plugged directly into a charge point socket. It cannot be used as an extension or an adaptor to a tethered lead.


16/32 Amp single phase 3.6/7.2 kW
Type 2 to Type 2 IEC62196 / Mennekes
Length 5-10 metres
Weight and flexibility Lightweight and ultra-flexible, easy to store and transport
Durability Long-lasting and reliable
IEC certified
TUV certified
CE compliant
IP Rating IP54
Operating voltage 240VAC
Tested to 2,500 VDC
Operating temperature range -30 to 60 degrees celsius
Alloy contacts Copper

Please note that the look of the cable might slightly differ from the pictured cable, but all functions and specifications remain the same.


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