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Solax X1-EVC-7.2K EV Charger

Solax X1-EVC-7.2K EV Charger

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Solax Solar Charger - A Budget-Friendly Option with Quality Concerns

Solax, founded in 2012, is one of the larger solar inverter manufacturers in China. They offer a range of chargers, including the X1-EVC-7.2K, X3-EVC-11K, and X3-EVC-22K, which provide three modes: Green Mode, Fast Mode, and ECO Mode.

Modes of Operation

  • Green Mode: This mode efficiently charges electric vehicles (EVs) using PV energy.
  • Fast Mode: EVs are charged at the fastest rate possible, and if there is insufficient surplus generated power, grid electricity is imported.
  • ECO Mode: Users can charge their EVs at a fixed power level.

Our Professional Opinion

Solax products have gained popularity among budget solar systems, but they have also faced quality control issues. However, Solax deserves credit for their excellent after-sales service and their willingness to address problems. We recommend this charger for those who already have a Solax inverter and want to integrate the charger and solar inverter on the Solarcloud app. However, if you prioritise high quality and are willing to spend a little more, we suggest considering a different brand.

Our Rating

We rate this charger at 2 out of 5 stars, as it offers mid-range quality at an affordable price.

Prices and Installation

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Solax X1-EVC-7.2K EV Charger
Country of Manufacturer China
Dynamic Load balance Yes
Australian after sale care Yes
Warranty term 3 years
Dimensions (mm) 325 x 181 x 87
Weight 3.2kg
tethered/untethered cables Tethered 4 metres
PIN/ Physical lock PIN
IP Rating IP65
Operating temperature -30 to 50 degrees
OCPP1.6 communications Yes
Smart metre or CT Clamp Both
LED Display No


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